Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Yup, new carpet. Still being installed. Or laid. Or whatever you do with it. The same carpet that was supposed to be done on Saturday, which is still being installed/laid/whatever today. Tuesday.

I craved bustle, but that's not exactly what I got. What did I get? Let's see:

1. dust

2. nauseating carpety smell that is probably killing all my remaining brain cells

3. dust and carpet glue residue on my favorite black sandals

4. a pissed-off student (she walked in the glue, too)

5. a backache

6. actually, the backache is from carrying a desk down three flights of stairs last night

7. sneezing and sniffling

8. the joy of trying to remember where every piece of library furniture goes, since the carpet installers/layers/whatever did not take any pictures or make any mental note of the whereabouts of ANYTHING before they shoved it around willy-nilly

9. a sneaking suspicion that I should have been the one to take pictures or make a mental note of the whereabouts of my furniture

10. a sudden compulsion to keep checking Medline Plus for information on the dangers of solvent exposure.

Happy Tuesday!


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