Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Yeah, so I brought in some bags of Hershey's Nuggets to help everyone drown their carpet sorrows and I am officially out of control.

They're more than a Kiss. Less than a bar. They're perfect little chocolate cutie-pie chunks. And sooooo delicious. (flavor recommendation? milk chocolate with almonds and toffee chips)

I put three bags in the little candy basket, and kept one in my office. You know, for reserves. Back-up. In case someone makes off with the basket and we're stranded in the library with no damn chocolate.

I swear I don't remember doing this, but I opened the bag. I must have. I must have been eating them all along. I just caught myself reaching in there, just a minute ago. The reason I caught myself? Because I actually had to scrounge in the bag to find a Nugget. Meaning? That the bag is no longer full. No longer half-full. It is almost empty, which means that I've eaten a zillion calories and grams of fat in one day and not even enjoyed it.

This is a crime. And consuming that much chocolate must explain why I currently have the shakes. I've had to hit Backspace a trillion times to correct my typing.

Slihfods ishdh ruwoas strisn?


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