Saturday, May 07, 2005

New carpet = excitement

I HATE summers in this library. It's just too damn quiet. You know what most librarians hear from patrons all the time?

Patron: Wow, I'd love to work in a library. It's so nice and quiet.

More like very nearly freakin' intolerable. You know what I love? Brisk business. Lots of people asking questions, lots of problems to solve. Throw in a printer jam and a network foul-up, and I'm giddy.

I sat on the desk for four hours yesterday and only encountered one person who opened the door, exclaimed, "What the hell!", and bolted.

I have no idea.

You know what most librarians hear from their non-librarian co-workers all the time?

Non-librarian co-workers: A slow summer must be a great time to get caught up on things.

More like a great time to consider jamming my letter opener into my open palm. Today I thought I'd "catch up" on reading the comments in the suggestion box. There was one. It said, "The copier is a rip-off, yo!"

The only thing that made me feel better was seeing that the student took the time to correct his original mis-spelling of "rip" with White-Out.

Now, this need for activity contrasts mightily with my Home Life. When at Home, I prefer to have nothing going on. One or two plans in the works, maybe, but nothing more. Otherwise, I get stressed. I start to FREAK OUT. I wonder WHERE ALL MY FREE TIME IS GOING. When will I EVER HAVE TIME to do the things I want to do in life. Like achieving world peace. Or finally getting to rent the ever-loving taking-their-sweeet-time-releasing-it fifth season of The Sopranos from Blockbuster.


So you see, I've recently learned that both activity or a lack thereof can make me cagey and prone to violence. There is no good solution, except for the Home and Work worlds to remain separate and for each maintain the desired levels of bustle.


Work: 10 Home: 0

Current reality:

Work: 0 Home: 1,562

The only thing I have to look forward to next week is the likelihood that my library will be getting new carpet, and my director prefers to remain open for business. Now this might create some bustle that I can really sink my teeth into.


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