Friday, June 24, 2005

How do I love thee?

Why I Love My Husband

1) I was 17 when I met him. He, being much older and wiser as a 19-year old, told me, “I don’t date high schoolers.”

2) But then he did.

3) For our first date, we listened to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on his record player.

4) He took me to see this at National Theatre and watched my face the whole time to see my enjoyment.

5) When I wanted to go away to college, he didn’t try to convince me to stay.

6) Once I ran barefoot all the way back to my dorm room in a rain storm. When I burst through the door there were a dozen pink roses on my desk.

7) After I had to put my beloved dog to sleep, he bought me a silver necklace that had a cocker spaniel charm on it so I could still keep her close.

8) When we were in graduate school together he brought me snacks to help me stay awake in class.

9) Due to a learning disability, he had to work twice as hard in school but never complained.

10) Now he uses his experience to help others.

11) After he proposed on the beach he yelled out to people walking by, “I love this woman so much that I just asked her to marry me!”

12) At our wedding he danced with his mother to Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’.

13) He plays with our neighbors’ kids.

14) He laughs at my jokes.

15) He’s proud of my job.

16) He rubs my head when I get a headache.

17) He loves our dog as much as I do.

18) He makes a mean black bean enchilada.

19) We’re celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and eleven years of being together...

20) ...but it seems like no time at all.

Happy anniversary, baby.


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