Monday, June 20, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen

Two posts in one day! I know, you are shocked.

I am relaxing at home, the work of day is done, and my husband is away for the evening. I just finished a Bacardi Silver Raz that truthfully? I bought because I liked the name. But honestly? I do not like so much. Too sugary. But you know-- waste not, want not. Mmm. Artifical raspberry flavor. And... sulfites.

I am here because I have nothing to do. Nuh-thing. Except type to you about things you probably don't care about. But that's my perogative, isn't it?

Don't snicker. Don't you DARE.

I realized on my way home from work today that I am stuck in a total rut with the music I listen to. My car's CD player holds 6 CDs. I put 6 in. I listen to them FOREVER. Because I? Am too lazy/rushed/forgetful to change them.

Right now you may be interested in knowing that I am grooving to George Michael. The BEST of Mr. Michael, that is.

You may also be horrified. At least, my husband was when I approached him in Best Buy with it clutched to my chest. And also this one. This is the man who will willingly buy me tampons in the grocery store without making me feel a drop of guilt, but ask him to use a credit card that has his legal name on it to purchase a George Michael double CD set?

Hee. Hee hee.

But anyway, George is just for when I'm working on the computer. Here is what I have in my car, in no particular order:

1. Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection

2. Indigo Girls: 1200 Curfews (disc 2)

3. Usher: Confessions

4. Michael Jackson: Number Ones

5. Cake: Comfort Eagle

6. Disc #2 of the 10 bazillion that make up the book-on-CD version of Bill Clinton's autobiography, My Life.

What? Is that weird or something?

I have just two comments about this. First, I am proud of the fact that I know every word of Billie Jean, and I did indeed sing along with it five times on the way home from work today.

And second, I really hope that my spending evenings with George won't turn you off. However? If it does? Your loss.

No no no, wait! Come back! I can kiss up. Watch:

I know I Can't Make You Love Me. Maybe my taste is just Too Funky for you. But I hope all you Cowboys and Angels will give me One More Try, because a Moment with You is like Jesus to a Child at the end of a Hard Day. I'll just have to keep the Faith that you will let the Monkey keep Spinning the Wheel Outside.

I am Waiting for that Day.

Desafinado*, Star People.


* I don't know what this word means... it just sounded like some kind of adieu. Advance apologies if I have managed to offend you in another language. Just so you know, when I am offensive it is usually by choice, not by accident.


Anonymous jenny-bean said...

i love george michael. kisssing a fool is my favorite song of his.

10:49 AM  

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