Thursday, June 09, 2005

What NOT to say

The following is a real conversation that happened at my place of work:

Co-worker: Oooh, I am not feeling good at all.

Me: Maybe it's seasonal allergies like I had!

Co-worker: But this is really bad. I think it might be dysentery.

Me: Huh?

Co-worker: My insides are really churning! I was up all night last night, practically living in the bathroom. I can just feel them, moving all around and gurgling!

Me: Huh!

Co-worker: The problem is that my doctor needs three samples to find out for sure! I've got one, but I need two more. It's pretty difficult.

(first thought is, samples of what? But nevermind! I got it! Thanks!)

Me: Huh...

Co-worker: (suddenly cheery) At least the bathroom's not too far away!

Me: Right!


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