Thursday, July 28, 2005

Here Comes the Sun

Last night the DC area was hit by a mother of a thunderstorm. When I got home from the gym I found my dog hiding under our bed. Poor little guy. I know that lots of dogs are scared of thunder, but he's fearful of so many things. We're not sure of his life before we adopted him, but most likely he experienced some kind of trauma. The longer he's with us, the braver he gets, but fireworks and thunder still reduce him to jell-o. He shook and shivered all night long, and could only be coaxed out of his hiding place when I showed him his doggie brush. He loves him some brushin'. I took a picture of him all wide-eyed that I'll try to post tomorrow.

The beautiful result of all the rain is that my little yard and all my plants are very happy now. I think my basil grew another 3 inches overnight, and my pepper plants are popping those suckers out like nobody's business. Soon we'll harvest them and make something really good (can you tell I yearn to live on a farm?). This morning the air could actually be described as pleasant, and I found myself wishing that I could skip work and go for a hike.

AND. I have some VERY exciting information to share. You'll only have to wait a couple of hours, I promise!


Blogger Bearette24 said...

Poor doggy! I remember my dog used to be so scared of fireworks. There were some in Miami once when I was on vacation and I saw a little white dog, trembling...

3:28 PM  

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