Thursday, August 04, 2005

Once we were so poor...

...that we went to Dunkin' Donuts and this happened:

My husband (then my fiancé) and I enter the shop. Ding! rings the bell. A young man comes to the counter.

Him: Can I help you?

Us: We’d like two chocolate Munchkins, please.

Him: Uh...two boxes?

Us: No, just two Munchkins.

Him: Boxes though, right?

(He waves one in the air, as though we don’t know what the word “box” means)

Us: Uh, no.

I put our 28 cents down on the counter, spreading the coins out. One dime, five nickels, and three pennies. See, Mr. Donut Man? Not enough for two boxes.

Us: We want two individual chocolate Munchkins. One, two. Just two.

He stares at us.

We stare back at him.

He stares some more, as if trying to determine the depth of our peculiarity.

With my eyes I try to communicate, that’s right, this is all we have right now. ALL WE HAVE. 28 cents. Would we rather be dining at Al Tiramisu? Yeah. We would even rather be at Burger King. But here we are, with our 28 cents, because we want to be young and have fun and GO OUT TO EAT for godssakes, because we’re tired of staying home and eating noodle surprise, because it’s never ONCE been surprising, and this is the best we can do because we’re poor and PATHETIC. We hope to not be so pathetic one day, but for now, WE JUST ARE. Now can you please just sell us our damn donut holes?

The donut-fetcher mutters, shakes his head, but nonetheless obeys. He wraps our donut holes in waxed paper and places them on the counter, where they look small and afraid, yanked from the incubator and denied the chance to grow into real donuts.

I push the coins toward him, already missing the jingling in my pocket.

Him: Anything else with that?

I so want to kill you.

I open my mouth to reply but my future hubby squeezes my hand. He says, "That'll be it, thanks.

Me: Keep the change.


Anonymous jenny-bean said...

aw... hope you can afford the big doughuts now

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The incubator line was classic

8:07 AM  

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