Monday, September 26, 2005

Of planting and ranting

This past weekend I spent a happy Sunday buying and planting flowers. I scrubbed very hard, but I still have dirt under the fingernails. I also found dirt in the pockets of my jeans, in my eyes, and under the band of my watch. When hubby and I had to run an errand that afternoon, I imagined that I looked like Pigpen, with a brown cloud hovering over me. Hubby joked, “Cleanup in aisle 4… and 5… and 6… damn, just follow that filthy girl around with the broom.”

Last time I went to buy plants and seeds, it was in the spring. I was ecstatic, as I always am when I go to the nursery, because buying plants and seeds means that it is not winter. I despise winter. So I was walking towards the store, happily picturing what I was going to buy and looking forward to burying my whole face in the basil plants.

However, an unfortunate incident bummed me out before I got to touch my first flat of petunias. A woman in a SUV pulled up to the loading zone and proceeded to sit there with the engine idling. This annoyed one customer, who found that he could not push his cart over to the roses because the SUV had pulled up very close to all the merchandise.

The customer must have said something to the SUV driver, because all of a sudden I hear the woman screaming and hurling filthy, filthy profanity at this poor guy. To his credit, he walked away from the SUV and didn’t feed the fire. But all the customers (myself included) were staring at the SUV with our mouths hanging open. Because it went on and on.

I was further horrified when I saw that this woman’s son, who looked to be about seven, was sitting in the backseat. All I could think was that this was this little boy’s training for Acceptable Adult Behavior. And one day he’s going to cuss me out or run me off the road when I do something to piss him off on 295. Such as use my blinker.

(little side story: in Italy we met a guy from North Carolina who said, “Wow! I don’t know anyone who lives in your area on purpose!”)

So every time I’ve returned to that store I’ve thought about CrazyAss Potty-Mouth SUV Driver and her poor, poor kid. And that puts a little damper on my plant extravaganza.

But on when I went there on Sunday morning? I observed a father holding his little daughter’s hand as they carefully crossed the street. A CrazyAss Honda Civic Driver came speeding around the corner and WAS NOT PLEASED to see gasp! pedestrians crossing the street. He yelled something unpleasant at the father. Then I heard this:

Daughter: Daddy, that man yelled at you.

Daddy: Yes, he did.

Daughter: But you didn’t yell.

Daddy: Nope. Just because someone yells at you, that’s no reason to be mean.

That man came veeeery close to getting a spontaneous hug from a CrazyAss plant lover.


Blogger Bearette24 said...


I know what you mean, it's kind of horrifying when you see someone cursing away in front of a child, or (worse) at the child.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Frema said...

That's adorable. Hopefully his wife takes good care of him at home. :)

12:15 AM  

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