Friday, July 27, 2007

Phallic Object Friday

You know, I've discovered that sometimes it's better to just let the phallic objects come to you. True to form, I waited until the last minute to find something appropriately juvenile for today's post, which left Washingtonian and Vegetarian Times as my only available magazine choices.
Both are disappointingly free of sausage ads.

I thought Washingtonian might be the best bet of the two, so I thumbed through it and really studied the ads.

No sausage, but there were plenty of ads for

jewelry stores:

cosmetic dentists:

plastic surgeons:

(okay, there are lots more but I have to draw the line somewhere)

military academies and other boarding schools to which you can send your children:

and divorce attorneys:

The other Most Frequently Spotted winners were day spas, restaurants, and high-end furniture/kitchen & bath stores.

I felt that this must say something about DC, or at the very least, the readership of Washingtonian. But then I realized that I'm a reader of Washingtonian, a subscriber, even, and therefore I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable right now.

So, uh, I'll just distract you with this:

This is a phallic as it gets today, folks.

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Blogger His suzy said...

I subscribed to Chicago magazine for a few years while living in that area and their ads were much the same as the ones you've got there. I know those ads don't fit me, so maybe you and I are both the exceptions to the standard readership. Or something like that. lol

10:57 AM  
Blogger Bearette24 said...

Is that hair?

11:30 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Yes, it's hair.

Suzy- I don't know. I was just telling Bearette yesterday that I might get a face transplant someday. Maybe I should save some of these ads...

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at those roots!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Veronica Mitchell said...

I am amazed that you can find time to post between your rhinoplasty, teeth-whitening and dropping junior at the Featherington Military Academy of Upper Crustery, you Washingtonian-reader, you.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Roxanne said...

I think that's phallic enough to qualify. ;)

Now I have one more reason to look forward to Friday's. Heehee.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Gunfighter said...

I used to read Washintonian, back when I lived in the District. I stopped, because I wasn't really in their target demographic.

11:45 AM  

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