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As many of you know, I research everything. I am most definitely not the person who flies by the seat of her pants (or, for you When Harry Met Sally fans, the person who flies off to Rome on a moment's notice), and as much as I wish I were a spontaneous sort, well, I'm just not.

When I was pregnant, I researched nutrition and natural childbirth and car seats and cloth diapers, and which stroller was safest, and which crib wouldn't attack my baby in the night. Since Lion's birth, I've researched things like baby sign language and vaccinations and and how to get your baby to stop biting your nipples while nursing (because SERIOUSLY, my nipples have been through ENOUGH, thank you). I enjoy research. Good thing, given my profession.

While I like to rely on books and articles written by reputable people, I also love a plain old first-hand account, the kind found on blogs. Even if the information isn't really useful to me, I'm endlessly fascinated by the ways other people do things, and why. I just like to know. Because I'm NOSY, I guess.

Here's what I'm using/doing/thinking about these days:


BabyPlays has been described as Netflix for toys. You go online and place the toys you want on a wish list, then the company ships them to you (sanitized and guaranteed lead-free) with a pre-paid return shipping label. Keep the toys for as long as you want, then drop the box off at any UPS location when you're done. Once BabyPlays receive your toys, they send the next batch from your wish list. Ideal for people who don't have a lot of storage space (that's us) or who don't want to shell out a lot of money for toys that will only be played with for a short time (also us). My mother-in-law got us a three-month trial membership and it's kind of fun. I personally wouldn't spend the money on it myself, simply because I grew up playing happily with measuring cups and canned corn, and Lion can, too! But it's been a nice gift, and Lion does seem to enjoy some of the things we've gotten. So far, so good.

2) Bum Genius cloth diapers

When I got pregnant I decided that I really wanted to use cloth diapers, but I was a little afraid of them, too (maybe I was flashing back to my infancy and the time when my father pinned the cloth diaper to my tender skin?). I needn't have been. After lots of research I decided to go with Bum Genius diapers, which operate much like disposables, though of course you don't throw them away. We have to use disposables when he's at daycare, and we also use them when we're going to be away from home for a long period of time, but we're using the cloth at home. They're easy to use, super-soft on Lion's bum, and cute to boot. On the down side, these probably wouldn't be very convenient for those who lack a washing machine in the home, and the up-front investment can be a bit hefty. But we're definitely going to get our money back several times over, and even more if we have more kids. Recommended.

I have some more reviews, but it's taken me several days just to write this, so I'm publishing as is. The baby calls.

(Speaking of babies, could you imagine living here in the DC area and going into labor on inauguration day? Holy cow. Better put the waterproof sheets on the bed and read up on home birth.)

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Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

Ooh, Liz - you're speaking my language when you talk research. :)

I'm going to pass along the babyplays website to two of my girlfriends here - one of them has a 3-month-old and the other one is due in April. That's a really great idea!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

bdogg- you closet librarian, you!

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

First visit here.:) I don't have any children, but I think its good you're recommending cloth diapers, since they are better for the environment than disposables.:)
I heard an estimate once about how many disposable diapers are in landfills and it was staggering.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Betsy said...

There is no better research than asking people you know! That is how I have found some of my most favorite products.

And if I ever have children, cloth diapers are what I will definitely be using. And now I have a recommended brand!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Hi, Hannah!- the washing of the diapers definitely uses its share of water and electricity, but I think it still ends up being the earth-friendlier choice.

Betsy- I have a friend who uses Bummis (where do they come UP with these names?) and likes them a lot. I like the BGs because the length of the insert and the cover are adjustable, and able to grow with the baby.

5:29 PM  
Blogger kj said...

hi liz! no cloth diapers for my daughter and mr. ryan and i wish it weren't so, so i am going to vicariously adopt you and lion.


12:04 PM  
Blogger Caro said...

That toy exchange thing is a great idea!

12:30 PM  

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