Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been a while since Alex has made an appearance on this blog, right? I feel bad about that. Stupid baby, taking up all the film memory!

So, say hi, Alex! Here you can see the haircut I gave him on Sunday, a haircut that required Mike to hold him in a headlock while I trimmed his legs and paws.

"SIT! STAY!" I'd command uselessly, as Alex panted and flailed, apparently equating "grooming" with "fate worse than death."

I even held a treat between my teeth and made that noise that Cesar makes when he's trying to show a dog who's boss, thinking I could hypnotize him into behaving.

Focus on the treat, Alex! You're feeling veeeeery obedient.... veeeeery obedient!

(I mean, I've seen Flip Orley perform four times- at the very least I should be a moderately funny hypnotist by now)

(Which, I just had a GREAT idea. Do you think Flip would be my doula the next time I give birth? I couldn't think of anything better than being under hypnosis and laughing hysterically through hours of contractions! Throw in a margarita and I'll call it a VACATION.)

This is the fourth time I've groomed Alex at home. I've groomed my dogs in the past, but when we adopted Alex I decided that there are some things I'm willing to pay someone else to handle. Climbing a ladder three stories above the street to paint the trim on my house, for example, or- YES- grooming my black dog in the suffocating heat and humidity of August.

But when you're trying to save money and a grooming table and a decent set of clippers will pay for themselves in six months, well, you buck up and get hairy.

The only thing we continue to pay for is having his nails trimmed. Alex has black nails, and I can't see where the quick is, and I'm terrified of hurting him. So I'm happy to pay $10 for that until I can work up the courage to bust out my Dremel.

Which I will.


He's got beautiful soft, shiny fur, by the way, and I have a whole bag of it. Anyone want to make a sweater? Should I try to sell it on eBay??


This morning I was talking with Mike about a play date Lion had earlier in the week.

Liz: I asked if she'd taken Lila to the library, but she said she hadn't because Lila doesn't grasp the concept of the "inside voice" yet.

Mike: And?

Liz: I said, well, Lion can be the loudest kid on the planet, but we stay in the children's section and I don't think it bothers anyone. Plus, at that library they have a soundproof quiet room, so if someone really objects to the noise, they can always go in there.

Mike: I hate those quiet rooms. It's creepy when you're in there with a bunch of people, but no one's talking.

Liz: That's because you're an extrovert. You have this urge to chat with everyone and ask, "Hey! How's it going? What are you reading? Do you like it?" People like me LOVE quiet study rooms. Having complete silence was the only way I could study when I was in college and grad school.

Mike: See, that's weird. I always had to have the radio on, or I couldn't concentrate. Silence drives me nuts.

Liz: It's amazing that we ever got together.

Mike: Opposites attract.

Liz: In college I used to hole up in the tiny study carrels in those creepy stacks in the middle of the library, where there were no windows and it was completely deserted. I could study in there all day and never see a single person. I mean, someone could have ATTACKED me or KILLED me and no one would have known!

Mike: Right. Once you got past that, it was great.

Liz: It was. Totally great.

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Anonymous buttercup said...

ahhh, totally silent study I did love them. I'd bring up my snacks and my water bottle and be quite content for hours. I remember at exam time I would always be upset when someone else had taken my desk (the second desk in on the right side of the ninth floor).

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Awwww...Alex looks so cute! My dog also tends to hate getting groomed. But its gotta be done with cocker spaniels.:)

12:05 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Alex! I've missed him! Still such a cutie.

I'm with you on cutting the nails. I'm so scared that I'll hurt Rowen!

And yay for silent rooms. Unfortunately, the students at my university are a little confused about the term "silent." They think that long conversations in loud whispers, eating crunchy snacks, and letting their phones beep every 30 seconds count as being silent.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Buttercup- I had a favorite carrel, too. I go back and visit it sometimes, when I'm in town. :)

Hannah- yes, gotta be done. do you groom your dogs?

Lisa- I hear you. In my library, for every person who finds it annoying to be shushed, there are five others who complain that it's too noisy.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Caro said...

One hopes you wouldn't have been silent if somebody tried to kill you in the library. Hee hee.

I want film when you pull out the dremel.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Liz-No, we take her to a professional. I'd love to learn how to dog groom one day though.:)

12:50 PM  

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